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Electrode head
Electrode head

        Graphite electrode is an important conductive material in the electrode electric smelting industry. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, high oxidation resistance at high temperature and good corrosion resistance. It is widely used in electric arc furnaces and ore electric furnaces (production of ferroalloys, Pure silicon, yellow phosphorus, matte, calcium carbide, etc., and resistance furnaces (such as graphitization furnaces for producing graphite electrodes, melting furnaces for melting glass, electric furnaces for producing silicon carbide, etc.) have become an important part of the contemporary raw material industry.
        The graphite electrode is divided into a common power graphite electrode, an impregnated graphite electrode, a high power graphite electrode, and an ultra high power graphite electrode.

Ultra high power graphite electrode physical and chemical indicators

High power and high power type II graphite electrode idealized index

Conical street size indicator 3TPI
        Conical street size indicator 4TPI

Graphite electrode recommended current load

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