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What are the special properties and uses of graphite?
Graphite has the following special properties due to its special structure:
1. High temperature resistance: The melting point of graphite is 3850±50°C, and the boiling point is 4250°C. Even if it is burned by ultra-high temperature arc, the weight loss is small and the coefficient of thermal expansion is small. The strength of graphite increases with increasing temperature, and at 2000 ° C, the strength of graphite is doubled.
2. Conductivity and thermal conductivity: The conductivity of graphite is one hundred times higher than that of ordinary non-metallic minerals. Thermal conductivity exceeds metal materials such as steel, iron, and lead. The thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature, and even at very high temperatures, graphite becomes a thermal insulator.
3. Lubricity: The lubricating property of graphite depends on the size of the graphite scale. The larger the scale, the smaller the friction coefficient and the better the lubrication performance.
4. Chemical stability: Graphite has good chemical stability at normal temperature and can resist acid, alkali and organic solvent corrosion.
5, plasticity: graphite has good toughness, can be a very thin sheet.
6. Thermal shock resistance: When graphite is used at normal temperature, it can withstand the dramatic changes in temperature without damage. When the temperature is abrupt, the volume of graphite does not change much and cracks are not generated.

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